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Welcome to the official documentation for Ape In, an NFT-driven experience that features a series of mini-games that are designed to offer a consumer-friendly approach to decentralized finance (DeFi). These games function to introduce crypto-centric concepts such as farming and vaulting to a broader audience while forwarding the industry’s thinking around the utility of NFTs.
This documentation is designed to function as a public record and source of truth for all things Ape In. We will be updating these pages regularly to account for the development of the Ape In.
We encourage members of our community to keep tabs on these pages. We hope that our community also seeks to archive all the information as a public source of the evolution of Ape In.
Note: If there are ever conflicts in information across sources, always refer to this documentation as the official information. We will be regularly updating previous content to reflect the continuously evolving Ape Island Metaverse.
Ape Builder: https://builder.ape.in/
PolyientX (Vaults + Farms): https://www.polyientx.com/
Last modified 1yr ago