Ape In Token (APEIN) is the official utility token of Ape Island. APEIN can be used for the following:

  • Mating costs

  • Ape evolution costs

  • Ape Builder payment option

  • And more!

Contract Address (Ethereum): 0x8bbf1dccbedd5c70d8e793d432fb56b848dd1698

Contract Address (Avalanche): 0x938FE3788222A74924E062120E7BFac829c719Fb

APEIN is primarily generated via Ape vaults and farms on PolyientX.

  • Initial Supply = 0

  • Per Block Reward (Vaults) = 0.6 APEIN

  • Per Block Reward (Farms) = 0.2 APEIN

  • Supply Cap = Unlimited; a cap may be set at a later date upon full economic review.

  • A 3% inflationary fee is added to each vault + farm reward claim. This fee is distributed to the Ape In Treasury which is used to fund new pool creation & other initiatives. This will also eventually feed into the PolyientX fee share system.

Note: The inflation described above is subject to change, as needed to create a balanced economy for Ape Island.

Ape Mating

The total cost to mate two Apes is dependent on the total number times each Ape has mated prior.

  • Mated 0 times prior = 100 APEIN

  • Mated 1 time prior = 200 APEIN

  • Mated 2 times prior = 300 APEIN

As an example, if Ape1 has mated 1 time prior and Ape 2 has mated 2 times prior, the cost to mate Ape1 + Ape2 would equal 200 APEIN + 300 APEIN = 500 APEIN total.

Adult Apes can be evolved into Elder Apes after being mated the maximum number of times. There is an APEIN cost associated with evolving an Adult Ape to an Elder Ape.