ApeIn Info

Elder Apes

Elder Apes are the final form in the evolution cycle of the standard Ape unit. Old and wise, these Elder Apes have gained the cunning ability to accrue large sums of wealth via dedicated PolyientX Vaults that function to distribute ETH or AVAX fees.
These Apes can be vaulted to programmatically earn ETH or AVAX. Fee sources include transaction fees from all Ape Island-related trades/sales on the upcoming PolyientX Marketplace, non-APEIN payments in Ape Builder, and much more.
Elder Apes are scarce by design and will ultimately only be accessible to the most diehard Ape Island citizens — these aren’t your grandfather’s collectibles. Therefore, the fee to convert an Adult Ape into an Elder Ape is 5,000 APEIN.
Note: the APEIN fee for conversion is subject to slight adjustment. Additional demand-driven tokenomic concepts will be unveiled at a later date.
Converting from an Adult Ape into an Elder Ape is only possible if the Adult Ape has maxed out the number of times it has mated with other Apes and is no longer fertile. This unlocks a whole new level of strategy not before seen with NFT-based breeding systems, which traditionally punish users for over breeding their units.