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Ape Island Lore

Legend tells of a mystic island hidden amongst the fog; with the promise of many riches, primarily Chadium-12, to be plundered. Upon its discovery, Apes from all over would begin seeking it, in hopes to claim its riches. Unbeknownst of the danger that awaited them, Ape crews docked the Island.
As the crews disembarked, they noticed catacombs scattered all around. Inside they would find deposits of Chadium-12 ore and treasures to bolster themselves with. What they did not expect to find, however, was a native inhabitant that would become known to them as The Fin Tribe. The Fin Tribe were not fond of the Simian invaders, and met them with resistance. They fought to preserve their riches.
The underprepared Apes struggled to thwart the heaping masses of The Fin Tribe. Many crews vanished without a trace. The few that managed to evade and escape danger were lost to the bottom of the bottle recounting stories of the mystic Island. At least… that’s what legend tells.
Is your crew brave enough to return to the Island and unravel its mysteries? Do you have what it takes to claim the treasure and face the threat posed by The Fin Tribe?

Chapter 1: The Discovery

Yield Team 6 set sail to the mystic island that Captain Nape had been hunting, to claim the fabled treasures. Even though the waters were rough and the journey was tiring, the ape crew knew they had nothing to fear with Captain Nape at the helm. For six weeks, they suffered the monotonous view of open blue waters and started questioning if what their captain had been hunting didn’t exist. As bananas and ale began running low, Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt began to rise, but Captain Nape knew they were close, almost as if he was being called to the island.
When day broke and fog cleared, something was spotted floating in the water. The crew began pulling out small flakes of metal with unseen properties. These had to be the flakes Nape was obsessing over. “LAND HO! LAND HO!”, the ape crew began to scream. They finally made it; to everyone’s surprise the island did exist. Nape and his crew dropped anchor and rowed to shore. As they landed on the sand, it was apparent that the island was once inhabited. Structures could be seen scattered around the island, and catacombs gleamed with promise.
Yield Team 6 entered the catacombs and found what Nape had been looking for: Chadium-12. After all his time searching, it was finally his. Nape instructed the crew to take it all, they were going to be rich.
While the crew was collecting the Chadium ore, Captain Nape would go deeper into the catacomb. As he descended lower, the atmosphere shifted and something began to awake. Nape had trouble making out the shapes in the dark, but he knew it was time to leave.
With the location of the island discovered and as much Chadium-12 ore the ship could hold, Captain Nape and his crew left the island with the promise to return. On the journey back, Nape inspected his treasure. The metal was a dark grey, with an iridescent shine to it. The longer one looked at it, the harder it was to look away. Physically Chadium-12 was light, but somehow holding it felt heavy. Captain Nape was obsessed with the Chadium-12, and could hardly remain still on the sail home.

Chapter 2: The Return Home

The sail home was just as rough and treacherous as it was before. Yield Team 6 grew more and more tired of watching the water crashing against the side of their sloop. The crew had barely seen their captain, who would sit below deck admiring the Chadium-12, the whole ride home. Nape was obsessed, inspecting every inch of all the ore; all he could think about was taking it to the Builder Apes back home.
Once they arrived back at Ape Island the only logical place to go was the tavern, and Nape took a piece of Chadium-12 along with him. He knew everyone would be obsessed with it, he just didn’t expect the overwhelming reaction he was greeted with. Every ape in the tavern wanted it, which gave Nape a new revelation. Not only could he make a fortune selling the ore, he could also sell the location of the Mystic Island to other ape crews.
Nape knew he couldn’t keep the island a secret forever, eventually he and his crew would be followed. With his mind made up, Nape and Yield Team 6 celebrated into the night.
First thing in the morning, Nape took the ore to the Builder Apes to put the Chadium-12 to use. The Builder Apes were astounded just by the sight of Chadium-12 and got to work on Nape’s requests immediately. They began melting the ore down, which wouldn’t melt until subjected to dangerously high temperatures.
As the ore began to melt, the impurities almost exploded out of the molten Chadium-12. Then, the Builder Apes began to forge the metal and the Chadium-12 almost seemed to mold itself into what they envisioned.
Captain Nape returned to collect his items, which included his new Chadium-12 sword. Nape had never seen a sword as flawless as this; perfectly balanced, light to hold but heavy on the swing, and an edge that seemed to never go dull. Nape paid the Builder Apes and returned to Yield Team 6 and distributed the upgraded gear.

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